Stress management with essential oils

Stress is a physiological response of our body to aggression. Stress are numerous: trauma, emotional shock, surgery, intoxication, intense cold, work or family pressure, urban transport, constant noise pollution, constant competition, lack of time…

The different manifestations of stress

Anxiety, nervousness, anguish, tension, nervous fatigue, and even burn-out … stress manifests itself in many ways. It alters our psycho-physiological balance and leads in particular to tachycardia and hyperventilation. When stress remains minor, it plays a positive role in improving our coping mechanisms. This is not the case when the aggression is too intense or continuous. We can thus see various disorders related to stress: gastric ulcer, eczema, hair fall, insomnia, heart attack …

Stress can also cause pain and discomfort, persistent fatigue, depression, insomnia and even mental confusion.

How to ease stress with essential oils?

Aromatherapy offers us an impressive range of calming, relaxing, rebalancing and optimizing essential oils to help us better manage our stress and regain our serenity on a daily basis.

Because stress is expressed differently for everyone, one will choose its essential oils according to the nature of its stress. Angelique essential oil will help for example those who tend to manifest their stress on the intestines or stomach, the complete Ylang-Ylang essential oil soothes cardiovascular stress with high blood pressure and palpitations, noble Laurier essential oil calms the jitters and promotes self-confidence, the essential oil of Oliban incense relieves nervous tensions…

Think also of the wonderful calming essential oils that are the essential oils of Lavender, Verbena, Eucalyptus and the essential oils of citrus.

We will take advantage of their virtues in atmospheric diffusion or massage, diluted in vegetable oil.

A very simple tip in case of stress and tension:

  • 2 drops of Lavandin essential oil to apply on the inner side of the wrists and the celiac plexus.
  • Take a deep breath
  • Massage gently