Essential oils against the coronaviruses

An excerpt from a question and answer session with Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem

Jean-Pierre Willem is a  physician and surgeon, founder of the humanitarian association  “Les Médecins aux Pieds Nus”,  graduate in AIDS epidemiology and medical anthropology, pioneer of resuscitation in the city at the origin of the SAMU and initiator of the concept of ethnomedicine, proposing a synthesis of Western medicine and ancestral medicines.

Founding President of the Free Faculty of Natural Medicine and Ethnomedicine (FLMNE), he was one of the last assistants of Dr. Albert Schweitzer – Nobel Peace Prize winner – and participated in many humanitarian missions”.

Going back to coronavirus, how do you protect yourself from it before it falls into the bronchi?

Dr. Willem
It is obviously better to use Eucalyptus radiata when the nostrils have been affected, and Eucalyptus globulus if it falls into the bronchi.

But you can also use:

  • Ravintsara,
  • Niaouli,
  • Rosewood,
  • Oregano compact

In prevention, at home, you can use a diffuser of essential oils to clean up rooms and offices, you just need to use them several times a day for around ten minutes.

There is so much way to protect us that I do not understand how this whole situation took place.

If you had to choose two essential oils and two nutritional supplements to always take with you, which ones would you opt for?

I would choose a Eucalyptus Globulus, even the two Eucalyptus, and a Ravintsara or a Niaouli.


You can use them orally, mixing two drops with a bit of olive oil.

For those with lung disease, or who have bronchi, embalming is required.

That is, you take a tablespoon of Ravintsara or Eucalyptus in your palm and massage your chest and upper back four to five times a day. In eight days, it’s settled.

I can’t say that statistically it heals 100%, but you have a good chance of saving the person.

And the most effective preparation, especially in babies, proportionally adapted to weight, is the suppository.

I also have a few friends to whom I made a suppository preparation to put in the fridge.

And the day they get hit, they take out the suppositories.

Unfortunately, suppositories are forbidden to children under the age of three, whereas it worked miracles with whooping coughs, etc.

Dr. Willem thank you for your clarification.

Dr. Willem

 You’re welcome please.

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