Essential oils and emotions

One of the most powerful healing aspects of essential oil is its ability to penetrate the so called “Blood-Brain Barrier”. When you breathe oil molecules into the back passages of your nose, they go straight to the brain in the central part called the amygdala (or diencephalon). This is the central headquarter of the limbic system, which manages your storage and filing system for all your emotional experiences. That part of the brain does not understand words and cannot be communicated to with spoken or written language. It responds only to smell. Hence, essential oils provide a powerful means to contact that non-verbal portion of our brain that stores our feelings and emotions. Therefore, the smell of Frankincense, Niaouli, Cinnamon, Lavandin, Verbena, Tea tree, Basil, Mint will bring you back to a specific event in your past where you inhaled these fragrances.

How emotions can make us sick
You will be interested to know that whereas the centre of the brain is the coordinator of emotional memory, the memories are not actually stored there. That part of the brain performs the function of librarian who catalogues all the emotional memory books and then assigns a location on the shelves of your bodily temple to hold that information for future reference. When we have an emotional experience, especially a traumatic or painful one, the amygdala assigns a part of your body to remember that experience until you are ready to deal with it.

Stored emotions can make us sick. If they are stored in the stomach, you can have stomach ailments. If in the pancreas, you can have diabetes. If in the thyroid or other endocrine glands, you will have hormonal problems. If in the joints, you can have arthritis. Stored emotions can cause cancer, too, which is why women, whose breasts are their physical expression of love and nurturing, often have breast cancer. In such cases, some emotional trauma has been repressed and stored in cellular memory that blocks a woman’s natural ability to let love flow towards others and / or toward themselves.

How essential oils trigger the healing process.
When an essential oil penetrates the central brain, it makes it possible for us to access forgotten memories of emotions with which we need to deal. Hence, when essential oils trigger an emotionally upsetting memory, it gives us an opportunity to deal with that emotion and release it from our systems, thereby affecting a healing. Sometimes this healing is instantaneous with the release of the emotion and sometimes it takes longer.