The Facts about Essential Oils

Aromatics essences or essential Oils are the volatile, oily, fragrants substances which can be obtained from plants in two ways: by steam distillation or by pressing (for citrus oils).

Essentials Oils are distilled from different parts of plants: seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, etc..

Six ways that essential oils support us:

  1. As fighters against unfriendly microbes
  2. As balancers of bodily functions
  3. As raisers of our bodily frequencies
  4. As antioxidants that purify our systems
  5. As clearers of negative emotional baggage
  6. As up lifters of our spiritual awareness

Steam distillation process

  1. A large container called a Still, which is usually made of stainless steel, containing the plant material has steam added to it.
  2. Through an inlet, steam is injected through the plant material containing the desired oils, releasing the plant’s aromatic molecules and turning them into vapor.
  3. The vaporised plant compounds travel to the condenser. Here, two separated pipes make it possible for hot water to exit and for cold water to enter the condenser. This makes the vapor cool back into liquid form.
  4. The aromatic liquid by-product drops from the condenser inside a receptacle underneath it, which is called a separator. Because water and oil do not mix, the essential oil floats on top of the water. From here, it is siphoned off.