Application methods

Direct application

Direct application is applying the oils directly on the area of concern. However, sometimes it could be adequate to add to the essential oils 1-3 drops of vegetable oil to achieve the desired results. The feet are the second fastest area of the body to absorb oil because of the large pores.


Massage is the stimulation of muscle, skin, and connective tissues using various techniques to help promote healing. Massages can be invigorating, relaxing, stimulating, or soothing, and essential oils applied using massage can help enhance these benefits.


The easiest and simplest way of putting a fine mist of the whole oil into the air for inhalation is to use an ultrasonic nebuliser that uses ultrasonic vibrations to convert oil mixed with water into a fine water vapor. When diffused in this manner, the oils will remain suspended for several hours to freshen and improve the quality of the air.

Direct inhalation

Simply hold an opened essential oil vial close to the face, and inhale. You may also apply 1-2 drops of oil onto your hands, cup your hands over your mouth and nose, and inhale.